The Real Deal: Not your usual hotel room review – Bai Hotel

A thorough rundown of the premier room accommodation at Bai Hotel in Mandaue City, Cebu


Passive income options (with real life situations)

Relying on one income source nowadays can sometimes be hard and may seem not enough with a lot of factors to consider (i.e. inflation, growing family, deteriorating health). Even if combining two incomes as a couple, it still seems hard to budget everyday expenses. While this may seem true, there is no excuse in actually […]

Sun will rise and set and so on and on

What’s keeping me fascinated about the Sun’s behavior, may it be sunset or sunrise, is it always remind me of hope, future and the beginning of an end or the start of the ending. With its majestic and mystical appearance, one can often wonder what will the next day or the coming day will become. […]

The Real Score: not your usual food reviews – a mix of all meals eaten during dinnertime

Know how the food that is usually available around the corner, the usual popular places and even just a hole in the wall. Get an in-depth analysis prior to trying out for yourself.