What would you do if…

What would you do if you were to travel without worrying about time and money?

What would you do if you can turn back the hands of time and revisit the same time, same place and the same person you have met?

What would you do if you’re given the chance to be a child again?

What would you do if you are given the chance to love the same person again?

What would you do if people will listen to you no matter what you say?

What would you do if you can end the war?

What would you do if you can view only one horizon, what would it be?

What would you do if you can express all your emotions in just one sitting?

What would you do???



C’mon and tag me up!


With the help of used-to-be military exclusive GPS or Global Positioning Satellites, any one can learn the exact location of where they are actually in. Anyone can tag him/herself on their location at any given time, and tell everyone about it through social media. If you are in China, you can tell everybody by using a smartphone. If you have traveled and arrived at the United Kingdom, you can shout to the world that you are there by activating your GPS, tag your location, and share it through social media. Basically where ever you are, you can tell everybody where you are in through this amazing geo-tagging feature of every smart phone that we have right now.

The main drawback of this feature is that if it is used too much, it can complicate some things. Some people will tend to use this feature too much, it can attract some unwanted personalities to draw in to your life. Even if you are in the outskirts of Scotland, any one can know once you have shared to social media. This is a concern for all of us as it can be used against us eventually.

GPS features can be tricky at times, so make sure use them with caution. Safe travels are happy travels!

Gestures for postures


Does pointing on a direction can lead you to somewhere?

It is now Election time here in our country. Candidates for each position are putting up their own gimmicks and antics in which the main aim is to stand out and leave a mark to their potential voters. Take for example the campaign posters. A lot of them are posted everywhere, and if you’re lucky , you’d be amused by some of the candidates’ poses and gestures.

The "L" word

Putting up a pose popularized by the chief executive’s clan

They do stand out in some way- some of it are very nice to look at and gets stuck on your head probably in a disturbing or in a funny way. But still, this could probably be their strategy to make them stick on people’s minds.

Matters of the “heart”

But whatever it may seem, it will all boil down to the person’s perspective if whether or not be influenced by these poses of the candidates on their posters. It will always have to be on the person’s hand marking on the blank space beside each candidate. Whatever influence it may be, it will always be up to the voter. In the coming elections, let’s exercise our right to vote, and vote for the person that you think will point you on the right direction, make your community/country popular or if you feel your heart is with them.

Vote right, wisely and whole-heartedly

*Candidates’ names are intentionally blurred.