Most popular coffee shops in the metro – a coffee quality review

Coffee shops are spewing all around the Philippines like mushrooms. This is mostly due to the ever growing fondness of coffee by the locals most probably influenced by Western countries particularly the U.S. Nowadays, big coffee shop franchises are marching on a small but loyal market that has made coffee drinking a lifestyle, and are not stopping since.

Here in this blog we would like to tackle the distinct tastes of the biggest coffee shop franchises in the metro right now. They will be analyzed through the same coffee concoction, which is the cafe mocha. The analysis will be based on the typical concoction serving, where there is no special alteration conducted.

  1. Starbucks – Starbucks originate from the United States and is one of the most, if not probably the most successful coffee shop franchises in the world. Its success is also present in the Philippines, and each branch will always be jam-packed during peak hours. In terms of its Cafe Mocha taste, its sweetness is on the high side, while the mocha flavor is evident enough to be distinguished. One espresso shot of it is enough to keep you awake but won’t keep you that way for the whole day. But nevertheless, it has its own taste that almost every coffee lover craves for and keeps on coming back.
  2. Seattle’s best coffee – another coffee shop franchise that originate from the U.S., Seattle’s best coffee actually came in first to the country ahead of Starbucks, but couldn’t quite create a larger stir but still has the staying power up until now. Its Cafe Mocha is also on the high side of sweetness while its mocha taste is very distinct. The single espresso shot does give the over-all flavor without overpowering the mocha, in which is the main aim of this concoction.
  3. Figaro – Figaro is a homegrown coffee shop franchise. Long before the influx of foreign coffee shop franchises, Figaro has been doing it locally. It has quite a respectable success and has staying power and establishment since 1993. Its cafe mocha has a respectable sweetness and is on just the right amount. The mocha flavor is somewhat indistinct to almost becoming disappointing but what makes it better is the richness of the espresso single shot.
  4. Bo’s Coffee – Another local pioneer and coffee shop franchising, Bo’s Coffee started in Cebu, in the south side of the Philippines. If Figaro owned the North, Bo’s Coffee dominated the South. Its Cafe Mocha has the right amount of sweetness and has a very mocha taste, which is essentially right for the concoction. The espresso shot is not that strong but should keep you awake for a respectable amount of time.
  5. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – Another coffee shop franchise that originated from the U.S., its southern California origins has influenced the coffee drinking experience inside their shops. Its Cafe Mocha has a the right amount of sweetness and its Mocha has a little bit buttery taste, which is probably deliberate to make it more distinct. What makes it stand out is the strong espresso as it provides a certain kick that keeps you coming back.
  6. Costa Coffee – A relatively new coffee shop franchise player in the country, Costa originated from the U.K., and is the largest coffee shop company there. Its Cafe Mocha has the right amount of sweetness as well as the distinct Mocha flavor.  A little drawback is the the effect of the single espresso shot but could still be respectable enough.

There is no actually the same Cafe Mocha concoction. Each shop has its own setting and style, and it is up for us coffee lovers to choose whatever fits our fancy!


Coffee, tea and sympathy

A nice taste of a local brewed coffee (UNLIMITED)

We all live in a world that we have the freedom to choose. We are in a position to be able to have what we want, and do what it takes to get it. I have discovered that I was a coffee addict around five years ago and ever since, I have been drinking at least a cup to start my day right. I am so into it I just couldn’t finish the day without drinking one even if it is already evening.

Coffee with whipped cream to feel the beam

And with all the coffee shops sprouting all over the metro and even the outskirts (one coffee shop sprouts like mushrooms and to think of the influx, it seems everybody still do want to go there), it seem so fitting for me to visit any of them at any given time for me to satisfy my daily dose of the addicting caffeine.

Cloudy coffee with mocha

And with all these temptations to try out every single coffee flavors and concoctions of this “wonder” drink, I have decided to stick with one single flavor and trying it (if possible) in every coffee shop available in the premises where the craving (or the necessity to stay in a place where there is en electrical outlet to check some e-mails) has occurred.

If you’re not believing that there’s chocolate in your coffee, they’ll give it to you and put it by yourself

What keeps me wondering is that even if the same flavor is being tried on the same brand, the taste of it between different branches is different and has never been consistent. Is it because there is really no standard of servings even if it is a franchised shop? Or it all just depend on your barista taking up the dose of the espresso or putting up a notch on the cream?

Creamed with a nice dose of chocolate syrup

What I am trying to say is, there are standards in every merchandise, but there will always be flaws in which sometimes is not recognizable and can be harmless. But whatever it is, or eccentric as it may seem, it will never hinder me to have a nice dose of my favorite coffee.

*brand names are intentionally blurred