What would you do if…

What would you do if you were to travel without worrying about time and money?

What would you do if you can turn back the hands of time and revisit the same time, same place and the same person you have met?

What would you do if you’re given the chance to be a child again?

What would you do if you are given the chance to love the same person again?

What would you do if people will listen to you no matter what you say?

What would you do if you can end the war?

What would you do if you can view only one horizon, what would it be?

What would you do if you can express all your emotions in just one sitting?

What would you do???



Sun will rise and set and so on and on

Gifu, Japan Sunset

What’s keeping me fascinated about the Sun’s behavior, may it be sunset or sunrise, is it always remind me of hope, future and the beginning of an end or the start of the ending. With its majestic and mystical appearance, one can often wonder what will the next day or the coming day will become. And going to the Asian beaches, one can truly enjoy the sight this astronomical sight is doing.

We all need to travel sometimes to unwind and forget for a while the busy and tiring days, may it be for adventure travels or budget travels, it may probably be a must for everyone to at least embark on it just to reset the mind and body and get all refreshed to seize another day, and sunsets and sunrises makes me and/or you reminded of it.

Fascination over something that is basically there and most probably will stay can often be overlooked and missed. The Sun might always be just there, rising and setting, but it is always there to remind me that everything must be done to accomplish something and everything has been done and you cannot change it. Emotive as it may seem, I will always be amazed at the sight of the sun setting and anticipate its rising on the next day.

Coffee, tea and sympathy

A nice taste of a local brewed coffee (UNLIMITED)

We all live in a world that we have the freedom to choose. We are in a position to be able to have what we want, and do what it takes to get it. I have discovered that I was a coffee addict around five years ago and ever since, I have been drinking at least a cup to start my day right. I am so into it I just couldn’t finish the day without drinking one even if it is already evening.

Coffee with whipped cream to feel the beam

And with all the coffee shops sprouting all over the metro and even the outskirts (one coffee shop sprouts like mushrooms and to think of the influx, it seems everybody still do want to go there), it seem so fitting for me to visit any of them at any given time for me to satisfy my daily dose of the addicting caffeine.

Cloudy coffee with mocha

And with all these temptations to try out every single coffee flavors and concoctions of this “wonder” drink, I have decided to stick with one single flavor and trying it (if possible) in every coffee shop available in the premises where the craving (or the necessity to stay in a place where there is en electrical outlet to check some e-mails) has occurred.

If you’re not believing that there’s chocolate in your coffee, they’ll give it to you and put it by yourself

What keeps me wondering is that even if the same flavor is being tried on the same brand, the taste of it between different branches is different and has never been consistent. Is it because there is really no standard of servings even if it is a franchised shop? Or it all just depend on your barista taking up the dose of the espresso or putting up a notch on the cream?

Creamed with a nice dose of chocolate syrup

What I am trying to say is, there are standards in every merchandise, but there will always be flaws in which sometimes is not recognizable and can be harmless. But whatever it is, or eccentric as it may seem, it will never hinder me to have a nice dose of my favorite coffee.

*brand names are intentionally blurred

Gestures for postures


Does pointing on a direction can lead you to somewhere?

It is now Election time here in our country. Candidates for each position are putting up their own gimmicks and antics in which the main aim is to stand out and leave a mark to their potential voters. Take for example the campaign posters. A lot of them are posted everywhere, and if you’re lucky , you’d be amused by some of the candidates’ poses and gestures.

The "L" word

Putting up a pose popularized by the chief executive’s clan

They do stand out in some way- some of it are very nice to look at and gets stuck on your head probably in a disturbing or in a funny way. But still, this could probably be their strategy to make them stick on people’s minds.

Matters of the “heart”

But whatever it may seem, it will all boil down to the person’s perspective if whether or not be influenced by these poses of the candidates on their posters. It will always have to be on the person’s hand marking on the blank space beside each candidate. Whatever influence it may be, it will always be up to the voter. In the coming elections, let’s exercise our right to vote, and vote for the person that you think will point you on the right direction, make your community/country popular or if you feel your heart is with them.

Vote right, wisely and whole-heartedly

*Candidates’ names are intentionally blurred.